Like any part of your car, your windshield is subject to wear and tear. Sooner or later, you’re going to find a chip or a crack on your windshield, which not only mars the aesthetics of your car, but affects your line of vision.

When such damage occurs, you may be wondering whether to find glass repair in Denver or have the windshield replaced entirely. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. The correct option depends on a variety of factors, including location, extent of the damage, and whether it can be repaired by doing it yourself.

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Cracks on the edges of a windshield have a nasty habit of spreading like wildfire. Before you know it, one little ding can turn into a wide web of cracks. Because of the pace at which the damage spreads, it is often better to just get a windshield replacement in Denver in such a scenario.

If the chip is located right in the driver’s line of sight, some facilities may recommend replacement over repair. This is because the repair process leaves a light distortion to the glass, which may also distort your view of the road and increase the risk of accidents. But if the chip is relatively small and located somewhere other than the edge or the driver’s line of sight, it can usually be repaired.

Size and Severity

Cracks that extend no more than three inches can often be easily repaired. Likewise, chips around the size of a quarter are good candidates for repairs as well. In such cases, a polymer is injected into the crack to make it disappear and your windshield looks as good as new.

Otherwise, severity of the ding will also determine whether your windshield should be repaired or replaced. If a good portion of the glass is shattered or if it is severely pitted from debris after years of use, it’s high time to get a replacement.

Should You Do DIY Repairs?

The windshield is a crucial part of your vehicle and plays an important role in protecting you and your passengers. If cracks and chips are not addressed immediately, the windshield’s structural integrity will be compromised, making it more likely to shatter or even pop out during a crash. If your windshield has any sort of damage, visit a professional service center immediately to have it examined.

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