The windshield should be one of your top priorities when it comes to car maintenance. Not only does this help to make your car look attractive, but it also helps secure the safety of everyone in your car as well. For one, your windshield supports the roof of your car so it doesn’t cave in if you encounter trouble during one of your drives. In addition, it is also an essential part of the airbag deployment system which protects you and your passengers from impact.


Therefore, car owners should never compromise safety just because of improper maintenance. Trusted auto glass specialists in Denver share some practical tips to help drivers care for their windshields.

Park under the shade.

The service life of your windshield is shortened when it’s constantly exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, if there are already cracks in there, considerable temperature differences on either side of the windshield can make the damage worse. Therefore, choose a cool area whenever parking to prevent stress on your windshield.

Avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia.

Cleaners that are ammonia-based can damage the tint of your windshield, resulting to poor visibility. In addition, it’s also dangerous to inhale these chemicals. Instead, use alcohol or vinegar applied with microfiber or cotton towels for maximum absorbency.

Clean those wipers.

Your windshield wipers can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, and other particles that can damage your windshield. Use a windshield fluid wiper and rag to wipe along those wipers and eliminate particles that can chip your windshield.

Never slam your car doors.

The severe vibrations from slamming your car doors can cause small dings to become bigger cracks or chips. Therefore, always be careful when closing your doors to avoid these intense vibrations.

Only allow specialists to work on your windshield.

Perhaps a pebble on the road caused a windshield fracture. Trash and sand particles can also cause dings and chips on your windshield glass. No matter the reason, only have your windshield checked and repaired by auto glass repair specialists in Denver. It’s also a great idea to come in for regular windshield maintenance. Not only does this prolong the service life of your windshield, but it also helps ensure the safety of everyone in your vehicle as well.


Why Replacing a Cracked Windshield is Important,